MesaLock Linux is very young and at an early stage. Some important components are still missing or work-in-progress. Building a safe and secure Linux distro relies on the whole community, and you are very welcome to contribute to the MesaLock Linux project.

You can get involved in various forms:

  • Try to use MesaLock Linux, report issue, enhancement suggestions, etc
  • Contribute to MesaLock Linux: optimize development process, improve documents, closing issues, etc
  • Contribute to core packages of MesaLock Linux: improving minit, mgetty, giproute2, etc
  • Writing applications using memory safe programming languages like Rust/Go, and joining the the MesaLock Linux packages
  • Auditing source code of the MesaLock Linux projects and related packages

You are welcome to send pull requests and report issues on GitHub. Note that the MesaLock Linux project follows the Git flow development model.